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The globe is full of quirky, weird & incredible stories from all walks of life.... This is an online series about crazy & amazing(although yet true) stories from around the globe... For instance...

#1. Read About This Amazing Story Of A  Fisherhero Saving A Penguin And The Two Of Them Now Being Practically Inseparable!

Penguin dindim returns every year to heroic fisherman who rescued him


In 2011, Joao Pereira de Souza, a 71 year- old fisherman who lives in the island village in Brazil, once found a tiny penguin stranded on the beach near his home and covered in oil and was close to death. Joao then cleaned the poor thing and it's feathers free of oil, nursed him back to health, and even named him, Dindim

And now... Every year since then, Dindim Travels thousands of kilometers just to spend several months with this kind elderly man, only to return to it's colony once again.





#2. Unfortunate Situational Trademark

Roy orbinson with sunglasses #2


Back in 1963 on tour with the beatles, the singer, Roy Orbinson, whom in fact has horrible eyesight and required thick glasses, had accidentally LEFT his glasses on a plane before a show, which inevitably forced him damn-ugly prescription sunglasses that night... The look, that to this day, has become his actual trademark.

"I was stuck with these dark glasses. They took all these pictures that went around the world. I guess once you become successful you don't want to change anything too drastically." he was later quoted saying...






#3. 105-Year-Old Bicyclist Record.

105 year old robert marchand bicyclist


Remember that cool 70 year-old who ran 7 marathons on 7 continents in 7 days...? Well, here's another cool elderly individual who actually had a whole new category created JUST for him, ALSO in 2017!

The story goes, that back at the 4th of january, 2017, a 105-year-old french cyclist, Robert Marchand set a world record for distance cycled in just one hour at the velodrome just outside of paris. He supposedly set this record in the 105+ age category, which again, was created especially for him, by riding almost 23 kilometers in an hour.... Awesome, huh??





#4. Colorful Cremation...Literally!

Artful ashes feature image


There is allegedly a company called "Artful ashes" which will swirl your loved ones's ashes with color into a decorative piece of art... So we guess if a certain person valued a particular color, one would perhaps have this company take care of that?!?

Either way.... It's kind of weird




#5. The Ruggie Alarm Clock

RUggie the alarm clock #2


Heard of something called, the Ruggie Alarm, people?? it is essentially an alarm clock disguised as a rug, constructed to get you out of bed in the morning. It supposedly FORCES you out of your bed basically because it has a sensor that will only turn off the alarm once you've stepped on it for at least 3 seconds... Not only that, it even has speakers that will supposedly deliver motivational quotes which whom YOURSELF can choose in advance, to further empower yourself outta the bed every morning.



#6. The Horrors That Comes Of Racism

Ruby nell bridges hall first african american to attend school


Back in 1960, a six-year-old, girl going by the name, Ruby nell bridges Hall allegedly became the very first african american child to attend an all-white public elementary school in the american south. She in fact had to be escorted to school by federal marshals entirely for her safety, and spend the first year as the only student in her class!! Today, Ruby is an american civil rights activist... And rightfully so, she should be...





#7. Hair Freezing Contests

Hair freezing contestants posing


There is a place in canada called, the takhini hot springs, whichholds a yearly contest, dubbed "The international Hair Freezing Contest" and it apparently involves each contestant sitting in a hot spring and sculpting their wet hair in cold temperatures. After having dunked it in 40 degrees hot water celsius for about a minute, and then allegedly let the hair freeze in the chilling air above, which can in fact dip below negative 30 degrees celsius... Okay, that is both brave, idiotic & extremely risky all at the same time, people... We're at a loss for words here... So we're guessing that the wackiest hairdo, and whoever doesn't happen to die under the ordeal, wins?!?

That is certainly a hair raising experience, ay folks(pun intended)??





#8. Love & Hate App

new hater dating app


Back in 2017 a real love and hate app called "Hater" made it's debut.

An app that actually matches people based on their mutual dislikes rather than their mutual likes!

Some topics covered here are , Donald Trump, Gluten-free, camping, Marijuanna, butt selfies & Taylor Swift just to mention a few... How's that for a love/hate relationship, ladies & gentlemen??






#9. Playdoh Modelling Clay Fragrance...?



Ever heard of "Playdoh"? You know... That very populair "Modelling clay" product targeted towards kids? Well... It turns out an actualy cologne with the clay's smell has actually been invented believe it or not.... It's called "Eau de playdoh"... Whether This product is actually aimed more at kids, we're not entirely sure, really...






#10. Sunburn & Acne Breakout treatment(But Is It Worth It?!)...

spermaceti oil mix


ANOTHER Gross story(You've been warned)

Back in gregorian times, People would apply something called "Fard" to sunburned faces and acne breakout patients... It was supposedly a mixture of sweet almond oil, Something called "Spermaceti", which is a waxy substance found in the head cavities of the sperm whale, and then HONEY.

These ingredienses was then dissolved over heat, and once it had cooled it was then applied to the face and left on overnight....Like... What... The... Fuck...? Grrroooooosssssss.........

BONUS INFO: Whale poop actually freshes the air that we breathe!

Whales actually transport vital nutrients to the warm surface waters every time they that they poop... Which is actually where the phytoplankton to photosynthesize and produce the oxygen that we breathe.





#11. The Mysterious World War II "MAP" playing Cards

The wwII Map playing cards deck


During world war II, the united states playing card company joined forces with american & british intelligence to create a very special deck of cards... This deck was then allegedly created to help prisoners of war escape from so-called german  POW camps! This deck was called the "map" deck. They were made by hiding maps of top secret escape routes between the two paper layers that make up regular playing cards, except.... When these were soaked in water these decks could then be peeled apart to reveal hidden maps that allowed escaping prisoners to find their way to safety. - That's Brilliant!





#12. The Children's Book Cabin

The goose creek tower - Dr seuss house cabin creator poses


In Alaska an attorney, and MIT alum, Philip Weirdner has built a series of cabins on top of one another, called, "The goose creek tower", and what the locals is apparently calling, the Dr. seuss house...

This whimsical stacked cabin looks like something stright out of a children's book.

And this "Magical" house originally started out being just 39X39 feet!

But , Philip allegedly kept on building log cabin after log cabin on top of each other and these log cabins gradually get smaller as you reach for the top, and the tower has reportedly reached 55 meters in height... And to top it all off, then, Philip only stopped building more, because federal air space starts at 61 meters. Wow!






#13. No Valentine's Celebration Allowed

muslim in pakistan says no to valentines day

In Pakistan, the islabama high court in the capital officially issued an order BANNING the celebration of valentine's day across the country!

Yup. Islamabad,  Pakistani court back in 2017 allegedly banned one of the most popular worldwidespread public holiday celebrations, that of Valentine's Day in the capital Islamabad. thus it is their latest attempt by authorities to outlaw a holiday apparently seen by many in the traditional Muslim society as vulgar and Western.

How is THAT for exaggerating huh, folks!?

They initially issued the order after a petitioner declaring, "love was being used as a "cover" to spread "immorality, nudity and indecency... which is against our rich traditions and value" in their defense... In any case, it is apparently not that simple of a process as it may seem.... As The annual occasion is increasingly popular especially among young Pakistanis, many of whom seize the chance to celebrate romance by giving cards, chocolates and gifts to their sweethearts.  Again, this was only back in 2017 so this might just turn out rather interesting... And IF, we might do a follow-up story at your favorite satire-website -!!

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