Crazy & Amazing Although Yet True Stories From Around The Globe #4

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The globe is full of quirky, weird & incredible stories from all walks of life....This is an online series about crazy & amazing(although yet true) stories from around the globe... For instance...

#1. Read About Which Countries Has The World's Tallest Sandcastles

Tallest sandcastle ever

The world's first(And at that time) largest sandcastle was built by, Sudarsan Pattnaik back in 2017 the 10th february, india... It measured a good 14.83 meters, and the circumference at base was 161.5!

sudarshan-pattnaik sandcastle

He was then later beaten in germany! After two years of trying, Sand Skulptern Festival in Binz, Rügen, had finally(At the time) created the world's tallest sandcastle.

After two years of trying, Sand Skulptern Festival in Binz, Rügen, had finally created the world's tallest sandcastle.

Skulptura Projects GmbH had created a castle measuring approximately 17.65 m (57 ft 11 in) high in Binz, Germany, which was adjudicated on 5 June 2019.  The previous record set by, Sudarsan pattnaik was then broken...

germany large sandcastle guiness

Regardless, designers in Denmark have now created THE world's biggest sandcastle, which stands more than 69 feet tall. The creation features over 5,000 tons of sand and thus beat out the previous biggest sandcastle in Germany by more than 10 feet, according to Guinness World Records, USa today reports.

world's largest sandcastle






#2. Raging Yoga?!

Rage yoga pose

Most of us knows of yoga as some very peaceful art of relaxation and calmness... However, a yoga practitioner has taken this practice into extreme expressions.

In dickens pub in calgary students are taught to combine yoga poses with swear words and profane gestures during a Rage Yoga class as it is called... You won't hear "namaste" even once. Instead of a sun filled studio, prepare yourself for an assortment of words that are a little more colourful, alongside pounding heavy metal music... as well as even poses consisting or flashing your middle finger, all in an effort to releive stress and add a sense of humour to the age-old yoga practites.

The instructor, Istace who has been leading the classes on Monday and Wednesday nights has been documented stating "When I started going to yoga classes, I felt like I didn't really fit in at a lot of those different studios," Istace says."I'm a very loud, colourful personality,",  Istace then says she developed Rage Yoga while dealing with a painful breakup. According to her website, combining swearing and screaming with her yoga practice helped her overcome addiction and anger issues."I wanted to create a practice that I felt comfortable in, and I knew I wasn't alone." Read a lot more about this obscured type of yoga practice at it's website:






#4. "B"-Minus Turns Into An "A"

Robert G. Heft graveside tombstone


When a student back in 1958 initially got a "B"-minus for his design of the american flag, he most likely didn't expect it to be accepted by THEN president, Dwight D. Eisenhower as an official design... However, that is none the less exactly what happened. The student's name was, Robert G. Heft and when his teacher learned, he changed, Robert's "B"-minus to an "A" considering the circumstances.






#5. Multiple People Inside One Body

Movie - split

Yup, It's possible... A person can contain MULTIPLE people inside his own body... It's a condition called "Dissociative identity disorder" previously known as "multiple personality disorder", and this is potentially A single human body containing exactly that... Multiple people. The person in question can have alternate consciousnesses with in fact very drastic physical differences, and we really do mean that.

Documented changes even include blood pressure, pulse and amount of blood going to the brain.

And now the probably most remarkable difference yet... An alternate may even actually be able to see clearly, where as the MAIN personality may be requiring prescription glasses... The difference can really be THAT huge. Scary... Huh?





#6. Smoke Equals Danger...Or??

Smoke filled room experiment reenactment


"The smoky room" experiment was allegedly an investigation into a phenomenon known of as "Diffusion of responsibility." In the words of the actual words of the study authors, "If an individual is alone when they notice an emergency, they are solely responsible for coping with it. It was an experiment conducted in the 1960's at the columbia university, in which students would fill out forms while smoke was pumped in through a vent.  When the student was alone they almost always left the room to let someone know about it. However, when in a room with actors who pretended not to notice the danger, only 1 in about 10 students actually did anything about it. The others waved the fumes away and tried to complete their forms while smoke literally filled the room. (Yikes!)





#7. Billion Dollar Logo!!

The NBA basketball logo - Jerry West

The basketball player's silhouette in the NBA logo was inspired by a picture taken of all-star Jerry West, who played for the LA lakers from 1960 to 1974. Today, that logo brings in a heaping 3 billion dollars a year just in LICENSING!! Whoa!






#8. A Man's Last Words

Charles Gusman's memorable last words

All the way back on the 18th of october year 2000 When TV announcer Charles Gussman was on his deathbed dying, his daughter reminded him that he'd always wanted his final words to be memorable, he then removed his oxygen mask and whispered “and now for a final word from our sponsor.” They were, in fact, his very last words





#9. Dolphins And X-Ray Vision

Diver swimming with dolphins in x-ray vision

Remember how we praised dolphins for their IQ earlier in this series?

Well, thing is that dolphins have actually extremely good vision... So good, that they even posses their own set of X-RAY VISION! That's right, using their sonar abilities, dolphins can actually utilize their own form of x-ray vision. They can see under the sea bed and even through other animals. So actually, if you're swimming with a dolphin you might be able to see their skin, But THEY can see your skeleton... Dolphins have actually been used since the 1960s in the united states military to locate underwater mines!! (That'wicked!)





#10. German Father's Day

father's day and a wagon full of beer and alcohol

The circumstances sorrounding father's day in germany, are pretty different from the many other countries... Instead of getting a new tie and/or breakfast in bed, it brings temporary freedom from parenting duties... Fathers travel in groups,. usually dressed oddly and dragging a wagon full of alcoholic beverages behind them(That was never going to turn out well in our eyes...And we were right)

The day is in fact also known as accident day, as that the roadways see over 3 times the usual number of car accidents,mostly due to alcohol consumption(Surprise!! *Sarcasm*)

And due to all this chaos caused by father's day in germany, several local governments attempted to BAN this german father's day custom, all the way back in 2012.

However, state-run courts overruled this decision claiming that they violated their citizen's constitutional right to freedom and action in a country where beer drinking is part of the national culture.






#12. Placebo Beats Genuine Medicine!

doctor giving shot to patient


According to a research experiment conducted by scientists for the journal neurology revealed that people suffering from parkinson and received a placebo that doctors claimed cost $1500 allegedly saw more positive results than those who were told that their medicine only cost $100.

And all that, despite both shots being only SALINE!!

That's seriously very interesting, huh, folks??




#13. Coincidental lottery-ticket winner!

robert-cunningham-phyllis-penzo winning $6 mio lottery ticket

A kind waiter back in 1984 named , Phyllis Penzo was doing her usual routine of waiting tables at her job, in sal's pizzeria in yonkers, in new york, when a man she was serving asked her opinion on the numbers he was going to play the lottery on.

This customer's name was, Robert cunningham and he actually wounded up WINNING!!(What are the odds?!) the prize were $6 million... And you probably can't guess how kind and generous this good gentleman was. He then returned shortly and rewarded this waitress with half of the prize money ($3 million)... Yup! We're not joking. What a one in a lifetime kind-hearted man huh, folks?? seriously, what are the odds of anyone DOING such a treat, even considering the circumstances, folks?? Just "Wow!"



#14. Elite Population

African runners from kenya

In the Carolingian community in Kenya is home to the athletes responsible for winning nearly 70% of all distance-running-races worldwide... This despite the fact that their community is only consisting of approximately 0.06% of the whole world's population!

And to top it all off, all the way back in 2013 at the berlin marathon female kenya runners won first, second and fourth places, while male kenyas won first, second, third, fourh and fifth!! The ultimately fastest runner's time overall was places by, Wilson Kipsang at just 2 hours, three minutes and 23 seconds. And ultimately THE fastest marathon ever recorded to that date.



#15. A significantly Different Christmas Tradition

Carp in bathtub christmas tradition

In the country slovakia and a few other places in europe, there is a common christmas tradition where a carp is made to swim in a family bathtub for a day or two before it is killed and prepared for dinner at that christmas eve... Seriously who the hell came up with this?!?



#16. What They Don't Know Can't/Won't Hurt Them

How Tom scholz band boston made debut album in basement

Tom Scholz's band Boston's debut album "More than a feeling" which to this day, has sold more than 17 million copies actually has a cool origin story to it... Tom allegedly recorded the whole album in his basement, and then turned all of the tracks over to the studio,  as if they had in fact actually been recorded in a professional STUDIO!

Again, the album has sold more than 17 million copies... So we guess what they didn't know about back then probably never hurt them in the process...??

#17. Tom Cruise And Scientology

Tom cruise hugging scientology text-sign

Okay, this next one is both awesome and ridiculous at the same time... Because, Tom Cruise is one of Hollywood’s biggest stars who has starred in some of the industry’s biggest blockbusters. From Risky Business to Top Gun and Jerry Maguire to Mission Impossible, Cruise is a living legend with the accolades to prove it.
However, this actor’s personal life hasn’t had the same track record of success.

Tom Cruise allegedly also has a strong connection to scientology!

The story goes that, in scientology, numbers aren’t just random. They’re attached to deep symbolism in the universe and followers attribute them with meaning. That’s why it’s so intriguing that Cruise decided to split with his first wife when she was 33.

And then when he married once again, and he decided to break up with ,Nicole Kidman she was 33 years old. It only gets weirder from there.

tom_cruise at ophra

...And who can forget Cruise jumping on Oprah’s couch screaming about how much he loved Katie Holmes? This unlikely pair wed in 2006 and had one daughter together. But like his past marriages, the third ended in a breakup, too. Holmes his third wife, was(yup again) 33 when the couple went their separate ways.

While it could most certainly all be a coincidence, it very likely has a connection to Cruise’s longtime devotion to his religious beliefs, which allegedly had a lot to do with the breakups, there could be some level of intentionality to always letting his relationships die at the exact point... And who knows? Cruise hasn't gotten marrieds again since, Holmes.... But as of December 2020, the 58-year-old actor is allegedly romantically linked to his Mission: Impossible 7 co-star Hayley Atwell, who is 38 who knows, Maybe it'll be a best-out-of-4?!?