Crazy & Amazing Although Yet True Stories From Around The Globe #2

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The globe is full of quirky, weird & incredible stories from all walks of life.... This is an online series about crazy & amazing(although yet true) stories from around the globe... For instance...

#1.) Read About How An Relatively Innocent Posture Such As Pointing The Sole Of Your Feet Or Shoes At Somebody Is actually Considered An Insult In Budhist And Muslim Countries

Shoes on table


Believe it or not, but this is actually a thing.

In most but not only Islamic countries. It is the equivalent of giving one the middle finger in the US.

To display the soles of your shoes is indicative of telling a person he is less than dirt and it is highly offensive. It is wise to know the culture of the country you are visiting, especially anything that is considered disrespectful or offensive.





#2.) Virtual Reality Wedding

Virtual reality wedding


Talk about being addicted to videogames or the digital world... Or perhaps just quick alternative thinking...

But back in May of 2017 a couple in cardiff wales, Eliza Evans & Martin sherbington invited a total of approximately 150 people to their wedding, but all of these various family & friends people simply didn't have the opportunity to make it, so the wedding was processed ONLINE...!

And thus they actually got married in a virtual reality network called alt space VR. - Interesting, huh?





#3.) Abrahma Lincoln's Skull Is On Display!?

Abraham lincoln portray


Yup, we're not joking.... Pieces of president Abraham Lincoln's skull fragments can be seen on display at the national museum of health and medicine, in silver spring county, the state of Maryland, all available for the general public and tourists to see, alongside the actual bullet that was used to kill him...

Kinda gross when you think about it, some might say??






#4.) An Undeniable Waste of Money

Auction burger


Believe it or not, Somebody actually paid 10,000 US dollars for a supposed "super burger" The burger apparently consisted of, 7 beef patties(One foe each emirate in the united arab emirates) prepared as part of a breast cancer charity event, where three other dishes also on auction, raked in a total of 30,000 US dollars.

The colossal burger was aged cheddar cheese and veal bacon strips in a saffron brioche bun







#5.) Whale Carcass Is The Cure For Rheumatism?!

Sitting in whale carcass


Yup. Believe it or not, this was once actually a thing...

All the way back in 1896 an australian newspaper supposedly reported, that sitting in whale carcass was the cure for Rheumatism...

Climbing inside the carcass and staying inside the whale for about 30 hours was believed to bring relief from the aches and pains for up to 12 months, after a drunk australian man claimed doing this, actually had cured his joint pain, the Sydney Morning Herald paper originally reported. Crazy!!






#6.) A Hospital For Stuffed Animals

Stuffed animal hospital scene


Yup, we initially didn't believe it either... There's actually a company named "The stuffed animal hospital" and that translates directly to it's purpose...

The service even includes AMBULANCE RIDES!!! services such as examinations, cleanings and of course repairs...

And that's still not all! Their care even consists of hospital bracelets with the actual toy animal's name on it... Wicked huh!?






#7.) Who Said It Is Only Humans That Can Become Rich?

Ben Rea cat blackie


Yup, an animal can also become rich now... The actual animal itself is actually a pet cat named, Blackie!

The cat was owned by a guy from the uk named, Ben Rea.

The story then goes that when, Rea inevitably died back in 1988 he had bequeathed to leave his full inheritance  consisting of 7 million pound($12.5-million), to his beloved cat, Blackie which were in fact also the 15th last surviving cat in his mansion...

This story is both sad and crazy all at the same time... What a waste.






#8.) World's Longest City Name Ever?!?

Bangkok thailand's full name


The actual city of bangkok thailand's full name is... Believe it or not... An astonishing 169 letters long... Yep, the people in thailand rarely ever really calls their city BANGKOK.

The actual full name of the city is: Krung Thep Mahanakhon Amon Rattanakosin Mahinthara Yuthaya Mahadilok Phop Noppharat Ratcha-thani Burirom Udomratchaniwet Mahasathan Amon Phiman Awatan Sathit Sakkathattiya Witsanukam Prasit

Feel free to go ahead and try to pronounce that.... Because we sure ain't gonna do it.






#9.) If You Personally Don't Think Hair Can Grow On Pretty Much Every Surface of Your Skin, We Challenge You To Change That Thinking...

Bunch of people covered in hair


Human hair can actually grow on pretty much... EVERYTHING as you grow older.

The only few places your human body really CAN'T ever produce hair at, is at the palms of your hand... Soles of your feet... Your lips... And finally, your mucous membranes in such places as your mouth... Yuck!

It all eventually comes down to conditions... For instance, women on steroids might grow facial hair on their way to growing a full beard.






#10.) 200.000 Nosejobs

Nose job - before and after


We've heard of most "jobs" done to your body... For the sake of beauty enhancements.. There's boob-job... Lip-job and then there is nose-job...

And speaking of it in general, did you know that, Iran apparently has the highest rate of nose surgery in the world per capita??

Iranians have a good sum of up to 200.000 nose jobs with it's total population number consisting of 77 million, which makes it a whole FOUR times the actual rate of the united states! That's wild! '

so much so, that The AMERICAN society of plastic surgeons released new guidance for cosmetic procedures on not only adults but TEENS as well!! That's scary...







#11.) Longest Overdue Return Ever??

Library book returned 120 years later


All the way back in december of 2016 something amazing happened... The hereford cathedral school library located in england had a book returned.

Although it didn't seem out of the ordinary at first... It then turned out it was an astonishing 120 years overdue return!!

It were retuned by, Alice Gillett who was the great grand-daugther  of, Arthur Boycott whom attended the school, all the way back in 1896...

And that is not even the craziest thing about this story... Alice found the book, going through her dead husband's items in their home, and thus felt compelled to return it... and NOW?!? ...She allegedly faced a fine consisting of £7.446!!

Luckily, considering the amazing circumstances, the school promised to waive the fee in the end... What a story, huh?






#12.) American Idol VS Presidential Election

american idol feature image


This may or may not be that easy to believe, regardless, it happened... And it is incredible none the less.

During the season 5 finale of american idol, people actually voted a significantly large amount of votes, compared to the presidential election centered around president, Ronald Reagan back in 1984

There were an astonishing 63 million votes for the show, while the presidential election only scored about 54.5 million in total!

Wicked... That's some serious tv-time dedication.





#13.) Laura Buxton & Laura Buxton

Laura buxton and laura buxton

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