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For instance, read about this cool 10-year old who Saved His Grandma And Brother Using MARIOKART SKILLS!!(Our jaw dropped)

According to a story covered by NBC affiliate KUSA-TV, a 10-year-old boy name, Gryffin Sanders, of Golden, Colo., saved the lives of his grandmother and younger brother one day
granny passed out at the wheel, when he took control of the moving car apparently...

Or how a simple act such as throwing a mobile phone is actually considered a SPORT in finland!!(Yup, the world is crazy)

Believe it or not, mobile phone throwing is actually an international sport that started in Finland in the year 2000. It is a sport in which participants throw mobile phones and are judged on distance or technique...


- And then there's the hooters waitress who was rewarded a spanking new Toyota for her effort in a beer-sales contest arranged at her work...

Anyway, the woman was understandably furious when she was presented(After having been blindfolded and led into the parking lot outside of the restaurant)with the supposedly great car to meet her, and then were given a TOY-YODA(A character from the famous star wars movies saga) figurine!(Yup, we're not joking) Head on over and read all about these crazy full stories... By clicking >RIGHT HERE!<

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Cool and adventurous stories about smells... Tastes...And just overall a collection of remarkable occurrences and events, as well as even to this day, little-known pre-historical facts about various past-historical events throughout the ages that only few people know about, even today...

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A very neat mixture of different kinds of april-fools' jokes, and other bizarre events that you may or may not know about, and general topics thereof... Our fantasy catalogue holds no limits to the crazy and informative content available here at our website, Youdontknowshit.info!!


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mind blowing facts


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